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It's been said that sometime in the future, virtual reality will become so real that it will be hard to distinguish between reality and virtual reality. Does the thought of this happening in our society scare you? Why or why not?

What a fascinating question. Thank you.

Reality has already become virtual. And yes it is so real you cannot distinguish the difference. The virtual world spoken of was cleverly build around you, using you. Or rather using your volunteered participation to use it and make it more your reality that physical life. Cinema was the first big step. Suddenly you could fall in love, get mad, cry, laugh, hate and enjoy a dream story as though it was real. Up on a screen you could sit and eat popcorn while feeling the experience of a virtual world for a while. Taking that larger than life experience with you and then at some point buying the merchandise and adopting the look of the character. Today a tv show or movie can which you away very quickly. Sports has gotten into it and formed “nations” of loyal fans that see their team as an identity to be defended. Talented players become role models for all ages in a virtual world of gamesmanship and perceived worth of gathering lavish things. Social media is the most obvious and brutal virtual world though. And that she who seek to govern or rule over you use it because your so plugged into it. Entire corruption stories are scripted out for social media to elicit anger, hatred, fear and separation. And what’s worse is that most people say they know this and do not like it as they scroll through their Facebook feed. Oblivious to their behaviors because the virtual world is an addiction. I observe this every day. It is happening right now. Quora is a virtual platform you asked a very deep and personal question on. Looking for a response from an assumed human being. I answer virtual people’s virtual questions. I do my part consciously. When I choose to and never because I feel bored or just scroll. When I AM finished I walk away. I do not have any desire to carry my responses with me. I do not give them a second thought. I do not answer for any reason but I like to. I enjoy the questions and that I can answer them from my own experience.

My experience has been as an engineer that has designed, installed and maintained the networks we use to create the virtual world. My experience using the virtual world showed me the dangers of unconscious use. My experience away from it for years other than my recent question answering here has shown me how to use it as a tool but not become anything of value. Natural interaction is what I prefer. Especially sitting in still silence experiencing the reality of the creator within that is also every where with out.

None of this scares me. Life is a cycle. Life is intelligence. Life is consciousness. LIfe is a certain time me limit as a physical being. Life is all there is. Regardless of the virtual worlds we create for short span of even 100 years. We are connected in real time to the reality of this world. Trees breath in what we breath out. We breath in what trees breath out. Two versions of one continuous process of lungs. Trees are our external lungs. No trees. No us. That is reality.

I hope this helps.

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