Are we experiencing a worldwide awakening? There seems to be a paradigm shift in human consciousness

Yes no question a mass Awakening is going on. Human consciousness is rising, kundalini energy uncoiling, knowledge of the Christ oil secretion is in circulation, heavens are collapsing and Buddha’s are walking the earth at the gas pump. It is a tremendous time to be a life on this planet.

All of this is just manifestation of consequence to the truth underneath. Human consciousness is rising but only because we have identified ourselves as the center of the universe do we think it’s just us. For us. To stop our suffering and what not. But we are a consequence of this planet. In other words this planet is the type of planet that grows human beings. A consequence of creation the creator saved for himself.

What I’m saying is, the creation of this solar system in this space began without human beings. Isn’t it? Energy swirled around To firm a vortex that changed into various densities of matter. Billions of years of evolution to get to the point a human body can rise from the dirt to form the human body. This structure is maintained by the food we eat produced from the soil, water and sunlight. Isn’t it so?

Why I am saying this is because what we have ignored for generations is our connection to the planet and entire system. Directly related that we may have an experience of life as a human being. We fit perfectly within the system of life and it supports us but it does not need us. We need it. So long before the awakening was realized by us, the entire planet has been undergoing the same rising energy in preparation. We see this in weather changes, fires, lightning storms and so many things. The illusion of what people think of us, our titles, positions, economic status are all becoming transparent. In science we have destroyed Newtonian based understanding and now know the errors of those days. But they studied what they knew. It was Nikola Tesla that changed it all and was then silenced. Patens seized and people like Marconi and Westinghouse became tuch and famous. But now his work and life story are back. Wireless electricity is once again showing its viability because we now know we are an electric universe. There is such a thing as the Global Electric Circuit and the energy in this circuit is pitching its frequency up all over this solar system.


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