Can anyone be scientific and yet spiritual?

What you are calling as science is the fundamental seeking, through the physical, to understand the universe.

What you are calling as spirituality IS the universe.

What you are calling as belief is a mental construct of zero knowledge and 100% assumptions.

The universe does not operate in beliefs.

Science proves beliefs as fact as believed (a hypothesis) or as fact in the belief was invalid.

Therefore belief is only useful when a process is employed to prove or disprove what is believed to be the circumstances. A belief is dangerous when it is full assumption carried around as a way to prop up a personas position. Without a proper supportive process that changes what is believed to what is known, a belief is a cop out. A bullshit theory that one never aims to support or deny. Isn’t it?

Spirituality means that which is not physical. Isn’t it? Spirit is some entity that has no physical properties. No physical properties means it does not stop light. In other words, invisible to the eyes. But other senses can certainly see non physical. Yes or no? Hearing is seeing of sound. Isn’t it so? Hearing is the seeing device for sound. Sound is not physical but can be seen through the ears. Taste is not seen or physical in nature. There is a thing and then there us how the thing tastes. How it tastes is not a physical properly though a physical property has a taste. Feeling sound or the taste of some thing is also non physical in nature. You can feel sound. You can feel a taste or create a feeling, such as bitterness, from taste. All of this is non physical or spiritual behavior. Isn’t it? None of this employs belief in any way. Yes or no?

So a scientist can absolutely be a scientist with beliefs. They already follow this model. Observation. Hypothesis. Proof process. OR. Observation. Thought. Creation. The creation either turns out as thought or it doesn’t. Either way, knowing by experience is the result of whatever the outcome may be.

The issue you really mean is can a scientist believe in god as religion calls it out and still pursue science. Clearly the way our true relationship to the divine is a core understanding a scientist must have to be highly effective. A belief there is a god that sits in high and judges his shitty little creations as sinners before birth is catastrophic to the individual scientist and his explorations. But experiencing the divine within and understanding that the physical properties of some thing are the smallest part of what it is, changes everything. The physical is no thing without the spiritual. The spiritual is the largest part of all physical. We come into being. From non being. We come into existence. From non existence. We must enter thus physical world and then exit it later. Isn’t it so? Each and every human being on this planet cane into existence and started the clock on this version of mortality. No one escapes and stays physical forever. No one and no thing has ever done this. Look around, the back drop of the existence of this planet is changing all the time. Only the human wants things to stagnate and be secure. Because a human or the human side is of this planet. But the Human Being or the entire process of the life we are takes no issue with change. Change is it’s natural state. Our natural state. Right from the beginning we are growing and changing. At birth we are tiny. Now we are much bigger. Always changing, because we are non physical, spiritual energy of infinite conscious intelligence. Within a very temporary house called a body. A temple is of the creator for the creator. Because there is only one creator and we are all it. Pieces of the whole. Pieces for a very short time.

Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Pythagorus, Marcus Orilous and many other philosophers were clear tystvyinbeca scientist one must also be philosopher. One must also philosophize about what can see in order to work with what he can see.

Spirituality is not a belief system. It us what we are in our fullest and truest form. We have simply ignored this though it’s stated us in the face very moment we are a life.


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