Can humanity serve 2 masters? Why do we separate the spiritual from the material world?

Wonderful question. Thank you.

Let’s say that you are going on a trip. A vacation to a new place. Disney World for example. Once you get there are get your day pass to enter the magical world of Walt Disney, does the physical park become a master to you? You buy a hat and a shirt and other trinkets from this world and wear them around enjoying this world. Using it all for your entertainment and pleasure. But you never see this physical world as a master you must serve. You went to have a good time and play. Isn’t it?

The material world is the same thing because you are a spiritual being inside a body that can experience this world. This world is supposed to be for your entertainment and enjoyment. As kids this is the case. Kids play and run and jump and explore this physical world. But as we grow we are supposed to stop playing and become ultra serious about our life. We are taught to stop playing and fight for a living. We are told we must change our perspective and look only at life seriously or else. Get a high paying job, but shit, control things, but more shit, own shit, have things and life will be complete. But it isn’t.

No matter how much of the Walt Disney stuff you buy and own, you will not leave and be 100% fulfilled. The same goes for the material world at large. Spirituality is about KNOWING who and what you really are. So that you can play and have fun in this world without it becoming a master to your desires. Every life wants to have wonderful surroundings and the very best experience of the physical world. Yes. That’s why we are here. To have the experience of life in this world created by the ultimate Walt Disney. The creator has given us a tremendous amusement park to explore and enjoy. Isn’t it? But it should never be a master over our feelings and emotions for our well being. This is why rich people are rich. They know the material world is a game and not personal. Economy is a game and some very keen observers see this and play the game. They build massive companies and use the tools or pieces on the game to play. Attorneys, bankers, stocks, bonds, loans, debt are all tools of the business person. Used to play the game of economic exchange. Those who do not know how to play, think it’s a horrible burden that must be carried through a life time.

A spiritual person does not need to be poor and not part of the economic game. This is a myth religions have corrupted in our minds. Everything here n this world is created by beings for beings. Human Beings are grown here just like all other species. There is no reason for us to turn away from material pleasures to be spiritual. There is no reason you should play the game of economic gain. The choice is yours. Just keep it at play and do not create something you serve as the only way you will be happy.

I hope this helps.


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