Could engaging in a vital, daily meditation practice keep an individual from being a psychopath?

What a brutal question. Thank you.

I say brutal because calling some one a psychopath is simply a mean thing to say. It seeks to hurt and disturb because one is disturbed by the actions of another. But who is the psychopath here? Who decides that? When you open yourself up to others being this, you too may be this as well. The only thing that is between these two is what you think of yourself. When you think you are a good person, you automatically create bad persons. This is always subject to the observer and not the observed. The truth is that we are all human beings. All human beings have the ability to be observed as a psychopath. Isn’t it? Terms like this are only mind made concepts of the intellect. The human intellect is very limited. Intellect is not intelligence. Intellect is a certain dimension of memory within you. When intellect runs out we use words like psychopath to define a certain behavior of a personality. Personality is fiction. It does not exist. This is also a mind made concept made to separate and distinguish a certain part of a human beings displayed behavior in certain situations. This label is also given to those who do not act in a way you think they should. Meditation is helpful for both that which you call psychopath and the one using this label. If you are experiencing this in another, the best thing is to remove yourself from them. Not label them and then become a force against them. This fuels the energy of this labeled behavior and you will become sensitive to this. When you become sensitive to seeing this in others, it becomes active within you. You then attract more people and situations where this is your reality. You become surrounded by it and do not see you are also an active psychopath looking for these traits as you see them in everyone. You end up with the biggest disadvantage from this labeling.

So can mediation help. Yes of course. Meditation is not the act of sitting and focusing. Meditation is the process by which one reclaims their mind motion. Mind is brain in motion. Motion requires constant thoughts, decisions, labels, judgments and prejudices to be the filter you see your life through. Stopping this needless motion allows you to regain control of your ability to think. In stillness of the mind motion, labels are not required to affect life outside you. Your stillness is what changes things outside. When you label them they become something for your mind to run on. Stress, anxiety, depression, fear, resentment all are born here. The continuation of this gives these energies life within you. You are now limited in the types of people you can be around and the types of people who want to be around you. Meditation is the process for opening yourself up by ceasing mental motion so clarity is always yours. The best way to cease motion outside is to cease motion within first.

I do not know the situation you are in but please start with yourself. Not others. Focusing on others behaviors is the root of suffering for every human being. Your joyfulness is given away to the critical dissection of others. If you are dissecting others you can never find happiness and internal bliss. You are far too busy for hit and happiness dissecting life. Let the ones you call psychotic be that. Leave them to that. Their mental state is not your business. Do not make it your business. No matter who they are. You are the only business in your world. Make your world joyful and blissful especially in the face of a psychopath. Do not dance their dance to their song. Be your own flowing meditative and allowing melody. You will find psychotic behaving people do not enjoy their own behavior as this. But typically no one around them is in a state that provides them a different way. Be the alternate way. Don’t teach. Just be. Be within yourself. Still. Observing. Allowing. You will see that when you make yourself in this way, these versions of personalities you call psycho cannot be around you. You either are so still they respond by changing or by leaving. Either way you live in a world you created that is psycho free. Isn’t it?

Please do this and help transfer the world into a loving and blissful reality. A meditative world of walking Buddha’s. Each of us full on with life! We must make this happen.


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