Does divinity want everyone to get enlightened?

Every one? There is only one. The one created many versions of itself with itself. All is one. One is light.

if there were no I’s / eyes in the works the universe would be dark. It is the light of the I / eye that lights the darkness. Darkness is only the absence of light. Light comes from motion.

The golden ratio is the creation explained. The vortex hyperboloid of creation of galaxies begins with darkness. The one divinity spins itself into matter. We see images of this from astronomers watching the sky. In the center of every galaxy and every vortex there is a still center hole. In this center matter is dense and there is light. All life is the light of the darkness. The intelligence of the divinity creates matter from darkness through a vortex of swirling energy.

Every one is light because of darkness. Darkness is because of light. They are the one.


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