During meditation, how does one know if they are experiencing pure consciousness or just silence?

What in your experience would be the difference? What makes you think there is a difference? Where does an idea such as this originate? Certainly this is not a question from pure consciousness which if touched leaves no questions. 100% stillness means in all levels of the systems of the body. Such stillness creates an inertia which allows body to become transparent and boundless from within. The vortex of stillness at the center of every human being is pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is boundless. But like a glasses over lake, when un-disturbed, still and calm. This is the purpose of going inward. Calming your world to reveal your boundlessness.

When you touch this or even get close, you cannot mistake its effects on your entire body. Tears will wash your face as body reacts to the pure bliss of the experience. You might shake and make noises. You will feel waitress within your body. Body feels like it wants to rise from the upward inertia of your energies bursting with ecstasy. A feeling of oneness will engulf your BEing within it will seem. But this is you the BEING that is growing in intensity within you. BEing means just this. Simply sitting to BE a life sitting. No agenda. Nothing is wanted. Nothing is needed. No where to go. Simply sit and look at what these magnificent eyes can see. See the details of the creation around you that is visible by you. Gaze at the majesty of the spectacular world around you. See how hge it is. How small you are. Gain some perspective while just sitting still. Then close your eyes and remain in the same stillness of thought. Simply allow eyes to close and the sane awareness remain. No thought. No ideas. No names and labels of what a thing is. Just let silence be your guide into stillness. You know the way, you have only forgotten. It will come back to you as you allow the process to take you. This alone is an experience of surrender one never forgets. The feeling of letting go is positively divine on its own. There is no going back. There is a calmness and vibrance that is now yours to keep. A direct alignment with all that is physical and non physical. Undeniable and unforgettable.

Before this there is a point of view experiencing a still mind. This is not a detachment from intellect, which is where this question originated. Intellect not intelligence. There is a tremendous difference. Intellect dissects things as a tool that is sharp does. Intellect takes things apart to try to understand them. This is science. Science looks for the smallest possible piece so always there is a separation. Never an inclusion of all as one. Quantum science is closing in on this fact. Everything is connected through the field. They now want to try to dissect the field. But this does not tell us what it is. Intelligence allows us the ability to experience what something is. And a world in a solar system in a space to have this exieeiejce. As little specs on this giant planet that grows human beings. Human is the physical and Being the non physical. One stays here on planet. One is boundless and limitless. One made the entire cosmos and one is the creation of the one.

Stillness will provide your an intelligent experience of this and leave no doubt. Silence is the entrance. You are on the path. Stay there as long as you need to and find your point of surrender. You may have moments of your heart feeling like it is rising out of your chest. And you don’t care if it does. This is heart chakra open and aligned. This too is in silence but you cannot remain still. It is a spectacular sensation.

I hope this helps. Perhaps you have already experienced much of this and just did not realize. Some begin to have these experiences and intellect says to be scared so they stop. Mind motion can be still and very enjoyable. A touch of consciousness leaves its mark with you as clarity for good.


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