How are some spiritual teachers able to work on their students remotely even if they have never met?

Fabulous question. Thank you.

The most important thing to understand is that a true spiritual teacher is only a guide. You may call them teacher but the teacher is truly you. A spiritual guide or guru (dispeller of darkness) is just someone helping you see. They do not teach you anything you do not already know. So they have nothing to teach. Only ways to show you, confuse you, irritate you, provide explanations or descriptions of how you love your own life.

Now what spirituality process is needs to be understood. Spirituality process is an up tick in the pitch of ones life energies. The higher the pitch the brighter the light within. The brighter the light the more you see of life. In metaphysical terms, this refers to kundalini energy rising through the chakras to the crown. Each of the 7 chakras are a different pitch or frequency of life energy. Thus operating different systems of the body. Survival and reproduction energies are controlled by the lower and the more mystical in the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. In medical terms this is the circulation of the sacred secretion of the pineal gland running down the spine through the cerebral fluid and eventually returning up to the pineal gland and pituitary gland. Causing a high frequency energy reaction lighting up the frontal lobe of the brain.  This is the work of the spiritual seeker. To liberate their own life energies within them to illuminate the entire system. This is enlightenment.

A spiritual teacher is best called a guru for this reason. Guru means dispeller of darkness. The darkness within you that is illuminated through the spiritual process. In my experience, the seeker is the teacher. Depending on what tools the individual wants to use determines what they need from their guru. Or if they even need one at all. As I said, you already know everything. We just remind you how to see that. If needed we give long diatribes of mere words to guide. Perhaps pets options of sadana and yoga postures. Regardless of the methods used, it is always the responsibility of the teacher to use the tools in seeking. All of this is simply to somehow get you to give up your thoughts of all things and simply sit with yourself in silence and hear god for yourself. Within you. All of this can be accomplished without ever meeting your guru. For me, I’m a hard nut and I do things on my own. I go all in to find out everything there is to know. As I healed my body years ago I used many tools from many sources. My first tool was hydrotherapy with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap. This is where my name came from. In my seeking I used any method that resonated with me. They made sense so I tried them. As things began to happen within me, I would be prompted to try other tools like changing my diet to vegetarian and eventually breatharianism for a time. No food just breathing techniques as energy source. I did this for about 6 months and it was unlike anything I could describe.

This led me to a very pivotal moment when I sat for breakfast one morning outside on my deck. I sat and payed such close attention to a yellow leaf on a full green tree 6.5 hours past and I thought it was 30 minutes. It freaked me out. I could not tell anyone because it sounded too ridiculous. The experiences for weeks after that were even more bizarre. The things I all of the sudden knew about subjects I had never considered was just silly to talk about. Then I sat again months later in the mountains at one of my favorite spots in the high sierras. I sat and looked out over the lands as far as I could see and suddenly I did not know where I was. All I could see was energy and I was it. The trees, ground, bushes, mountains everything was the same thing and I was that too. Again it seemed like 20 or 30 minutes but when I returned to my normal senses, it was almost night and I still had to hike down the mountain to my truck. With my best friend, Scooter, my Yorkie that went everywhere with me.

At this point I needed answers about these episodes I was not finding anywhere. Then I found YouTube and Sahdguru. An Indian mystic in a turbin. A yogi. His voice really penetrated my entire being. I listened to him intently as he explained to me what was happening to me in his videos. Some of the same experiences I was having he had too. To say the least it was strange. Sahdguru is my guru. I have deep love for him. I have never met him or taken any of his inner engineering classes. I simply use his words as my tools to guide me along my path. I learned to be a student of life from him. Not a student of yoga or mysticism or enlightenment. Those are methods. The subject of study with these tools is life. For me thete is no need to see my guru though it is something I absolutely desire. I desire to simply sit in his presence and experience his life energy and for him to experience mine. There will be no need for words. Just silence that speaks louder with more to say than the history of language. I sit with him each day from my side of the planet. Within myself through the limitlessness of the universe.

When you find your guru you will know. It does not mean you agree with everything they say. They are still able to upset you, bother you, say things you do not care for at times. A guru is not perfect. But a realized being of perfect life. In touch with their own essence of life as a non physical supreme intelligence. There are many to choose from.

I hope this helps.


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