How can I know or experience enlightened consciousness at this very moment?

Fall in love. Pick something you see right this very moment and fall in love with it. Fall deeply and madly in love to the point where you would die for this item if the need arose. Fall so deeply in love that you must know everything g about it possible without destroying it one bit. Become so raptured by your love for this item that your needs fall away. Allow your entire emotional, mental and physical devotion become so intense, even the mere sniff of its essence brings tears of elation and joy. Let all you think you know drift in the distance like a mike marker sign on the highway as you pass it at 80 MPH. Let your entire idea of yourself fall away in the devotion you feel in loving this item. Become no thing of any importance to you but the experience of feeling completely devoted and a slave to your love for this most precious item. Fall in love in this very moment with life itself and the fact you have a body, in this vast cosmos, in this tiny galaxy, in this tiny solar system, on this spec of a planet, where you are a spec of human being life form. Fall in love with the truth that you are a micro spec of a life with consciousness of the entire creation throbbing within you. Allowing you read these words at this very moment.

Fall in love and then, when you are fully enveloped in this sweet sweet emotion, turn your awareness outward and see the creation as it is. Absolutely and unconditionally in love with you. Only the corruption of man and his fully evolved brain can create a mind of constant motion that clouds this view from so many. Only the human mind motion runs away with fear, anxiety and stress. Only a human being mind motion can become so energetic that “ I think” has replaced “I sense”. The thinking mind has screwed the human beings emotional guidance system up so much that pure devotion of love towards anything, especially one another, has been replaced by fear and hatred. A fearful emotional system is all about survival not enlightenment. A prideful emotional system kills when agitated and has no ideas of enlightenment. A worried emotional system is too busy creating things to worry over to consider the thought of enlightenment. But a fully engaged loving emotional guidance system is vibrant, awake, clear, available to higher possibilities.

There is far more to living as a Human Being than this civilization has been exposed to. Far more divine qualities that what we call as “ancient” civilizations absolutely knew and lived experientially. They wrote of it in many forms and our sceptical intellectual minds have shunned and disregarded these sciences and writings. Enlightenment and higher consciousness are not games or toys we play with. Everyone is enlightened or you would not be a physical body of consciousness. We are bodies of light. We get our light from the only begotten sun. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a day in the sun? Have you noticed the glow you carry from the sun that stays on your body? When melatonin tans the skin of a lighter skin this is the effects we all carry with us from the sun. The sun is our source of light. Our source of life. People feel free and open in the sun for a very conscious list of reasons. The sun is a conscious giver of life that burns solely to give life an opportunity to be life. Unconditionally. Isn’t it?

I AM an enlightened being. This simply means my body of life is a slave to the creator of the universe. I AM in unconditional love with life as it is in my perception. I AM not good. I AM not bad. I AM a life as a Human Being. I was born enlightened just like you and the other versions of life. Vibrant, joyful, excited and innocent. A piece of life. I too allowed my mind to become a work horse of thoughts, prejudices, beliefs and ideas told to me by older Human Beings I believed. I believed the tv. I believed it all and allowed the rubbish to pull me down into lower thoughts and ideas that went far against my common sense experience as a life. I paid more attention to things they all told me mattered and no attention to the life that I AM. The only life that I AM. The light of life that we all are as the I AM. There is only one fabric of life. There is only one light. You, me and all we see are it. But you have to fall in unconditional love to experience it. Give yourself away to all that is in full trust is the path of the divine. Fall in love and enlightenment is yours.

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