How do you handle your mind during a spiritual practice?

Wonderful question. In fact, it is THE question for spiritual process.

Let’s understand mind. Mind is not brain. Mind is brain in motion. The activity of the brain. Spiritual process requires you handle this by stopping the motion. Spiritual process is the practice of controlling your mind motion. Letting brain just be. This does not mean you stop your thoughts from appearing in your brain. But you stop creating a judgment of them. Good thought or bad thought. Right thought or wrong thought. Just letting them be. Shutting up on all levels. Physically and mentally.

Start practicing sitting in a room in natural silence. Natural meaning no TV, radio or other purposely set ambiance. Birds, cars, weather and all naturally occurring sounds are the experience. Sit in any part of the room and just look around, listen, feel the room. Experience the entire setting you see and what is beyond the walls your other senses can reach. Sit and just look and experience without a single label of what you see. Just let it all be there. A dog barking is the description of the sound. Just listen to it as a sound. A vibration. Not something you know but a sound of experience. Look around the room and just look. A chair is just a thing there in your visual experience. You have no idea what to call it so you have no need to think “chair”. Any more reason there is to pick it up and twirl it on your nose. Why waste the energy? Practice not labeling in your head what goes on around you. Mastering this is mastering your life energies and experiences. Thoughts become e things and endless choppy mind action from worry to fear to pleasure keeps your future endlessly choppy and emotionally turbulent.

I hope this helps.


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