How does being spiritually contribute to your moral growth?

So spiritual process or spiritual growth is not about morals. MOrals are a mind made concept that has no relevance in the existence. Show me a moral tree or flower. Show me a moral storm that crashes through the land or a moral animal. Where do morals come into the nature of the life process that gives life to what you would call immoral or not having the same morals as you? There is no such thing as a moral in the life process. Life gives to all and life takes from all. Yes or no? Only a human mind conditioned to ignore life and create his own standards somehow calling them better than what life itself has given.

So how does being spiritual contribute to this false idea? Well show how you are not a spiritual being? Show me how you or any other life is just a lowly little things that needs to be saved and taught to be saved? It is not possible. The concept of life as anything other than spiritual is the corruption of man ignoring and hiding from the truth. The tirth that there is only one creation and one creator. And you and I are it. ONE menas 1. NO OTHER. Not you AND a creator. That is two. One god and one creator means only one. Not the creator and the created. That makes two. There is no separate creator from the ONE. ONE means 1. Yes or no?

If you can put aside all of the ideas and beliefs of a separate thing from you. If you know and experience everything as yourself, do you need to be taught morals? You want the very best for yourself isn’t it? If you can set aside the ideas you are not part of the one and align with the fact that all is you, morals are not required. You will treat the entire existence as you would treat yourself. Isn’t it so? You will make certain you are always doing what is needed and treating all of the existence as good as you treat yourself. Yes or no? In biblical terms you would “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Yes or no? Yes. Once this happens, you do not need to make up morals and other nonsense. You simply live well and love all things as yourself.

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