How many historical figures were in the Great Awakening?

There is only one historical figure that matters. That figure is YOU. No other figure is in your control. Isn’t it? No other figure of human form are you in 100% control of. This is the only figure that must awaken in your experience. Yes or no?

No matter if Jim Carey, Sadhguru, Bronner Blu, Gautama the Buddha or Jesus Christ is part of awakening or not, waking up is only great when it happens within you. Isn’t it so? Waking up your own internal energies and realizing your true nature is only great when it happens within you. Others may be awake and living joyfully, blissed out and handling their figure of life called as body ecstatically within themselves. But it does not mean a damn thing unless it happens within you. Yes! This must happen to call anything great. You must be the one to know this within you. We have spent way too much effort and energy looking outside of ourselves for support, acceptance, is it ok if I? , of yes they are so I can. This is a crippled way to live. Always asking these questions will not get you closer to your liberation. They cost energy. Valuable life energy. Your life energy is used to concoct questions and set up situations in your mind where this one answer may give me permission. If these people did then I should. Like this we waste our own life energy to set up within our minds these situations so questions are there. Then you search high and low for answers from so many others. Looking for just the right answer. This is disabling your ability to simply sit and become blissed out on your own. What if you are the historical figure waiting to be noticed by others so they can go become blissed out? What if you are the one in your circles of friends and family’s that they will follow into the path of liberation within themselves because you showed them the way? This is a tremendous possibility that you are. Yes! And it has no impact unless you become the very best and most blissed out version of yourself. This is all that truly matters. Yes or no? Your life must happen the way you want it to within yourself. Awakened and fully on. Then you can easily look around as a fully turned on BEing and such questions will not matter. You matter. Your life and internal well being is all that matters in your life. Please see this and make it your reality.


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