Humanity wise, where is the world headed? Enlightenment or end of humanity & society as we know it.

Excellent question. Thank you.

Enlightenment is the end of society and humanity as we know it. Isn’t it? Simply realizing the difference is the truth. There is currently life experienced not illuminated to even know a life experience can be enlightened. One must end if one is beginning.

What you call as humanity is an expression of creation. Isn’t it? Your body is a temporary expression of planet material. Like all things here, you come from this planets parts. Assembled into a human body form with a certain vast intelligence keeping the heart beating, breath happening, hair growing etc. There is an un-spoken intelligence that gives you a vessel to experience yourself as a human body. Isn’t it? Enlightenment is simply the knowing of who and what you really are. Without the illusion you are the persona with a name, ID, job, family and position in society. This is your persona. Who you are is the life that allows that experience of yourself. You are life itself. On a planetary system that allows organic life to exist and non physical intelligence to BE a physical experience. Creating society is what we do not who we are. Limitless possibilities is what we are. Fear of change is what we are not. Fear is something we create. Enlightenment is the end of fear.

I hope this helps.

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