If God is in everything, then wouldn't it follow that however you live your life is an offering...?

God is a very corrupt word as is illustrated within the question. IF GOD IS IN EVERYTHING.

The term god in our time now brings an image of another human. And must have some major magic to be in everything. The alpha and omega. The ending and the beginning. You know the whole story.

But take a closer look. Everything. EVERY THING. All things. A tree is a thing. A planet is a thing. A human body is a thing. A thing must be physical to be defined a thing. It must be physical to be defined at all. Isn’t it? To be a thing ,a thing is a noun, it must be physical. Clearly god cannot be physical. Clearly god must be non physical. Non physical also means spiritual. Yes or no? Spiritual and non physical are the same thing. Isn’t it so?

So then a non physical “thing” that has some sort of properties must be closer to what “god” is. Something such as intelligence. Intelligence is not physical in nature but it has incredible qualities that one can absolutely and does experience. In order for a “thing” to become physical in nature there must be some form of intelligence there. Isn’t it? A planet does not form on its own to become part of a system moving at high speeds with and around a giant sun. Clearly there is an intelligence far beyond our comprehension. Clearly there is an intelligence that must be within all things but it is non physical in nature. Energy is also non physical with properties that can also manifest into a physical form. Lightning happens right out of the air if conditions are right. A non physical electromagnetic charge builds up in the non physical and then finds a path into the physical. The effect is illumination. Isn’t it? Energy can freely move from physical to non physical. Add consciousness to energy and you can create anything you want. Clearly. The entire existence is an existence of energy. Not little human being and one big giant magic one. From ancient Egypt to American Indians and Aborigines. All people who lived with the planet and not on her have known this.

Buddha means awakened one. One who awakens to the realization that god is energy and there is only one god. And you are it. God is life and you are life itself experiencing life itself. All religious texts say there is only one god too. One means one. Not one god and then he made us. That’s two. One means one copies itself and gives one half away to form two. But the core is always of one. No matter how many versions of the one, there is only one. It can be no other way. Isn’t it so?

So yes, god is experiencing your ego as you within you. The consciousness you have, is god. The intelligence that bears your heart, spleens your spleen, circulates blood and runs the whole show is god. The same intelligence clearly shows you this in many ways. Eat a banana and the god intelligence within you changes it into a human being. Banana, bread, fruits, other animals all become a human being. Yes or no? You are snack full of god intelligence head to toe. As is the entire existence.


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