If someone does something bad to you or says bad stuff, is it helpful for your spiritual progress?

Excellent question. Thank you.

Yes. When you understand that life is a mirror it is extremely helpful. You see life gives back to you what you give away. In other words, what you experience from the background you build your life in (the world of your environment) is always a reflection of what is handed out from within you. The things that go on that you do not care for are directly related to what you feel inside. Absurd I know but it is true anyway.

Have you ever watched a person handle snakes? We are taught to fear them and be scared. Yet in many cultures snakes are well understood as high intelligence. Stone deaf and using what we call poor eye sight, no legs, no arms, flat on the ground the snake is at a great disadvantage. So he can bite. It is his only defense because they can be caught if they run. So they are very strong and some very lethal. Also highly intelligent. They know this earth far better than most creatures. And human beings that handle them must be without fear, without judgements, without anxiety. They must be meditative and calm and they can easily handle and enjoy snakes. If the human being handling then is giving away fear, the snake picks up in this and returns fear. He senses your dominant every. So too do other people and the rest of the existence. We are typically far too distracted in our mind running ideas when we are awake that we are not sensitive to this.

When some one says or does something attacking to me, I have already removed myself as a personality before the situation began. I begin all interactions open and clear inside. Clear meanings I AM open to the very best I can get from the situation. Always. I find that even if a situation is potentially volatile, towards me it is not. This is observed by all around me as well. But even if some one comes at me, says some things, I know why and where it came from. It came from within me. It may have been a casual thing said by me about another situation entirely. It may be a feeling I know I’m feeling or not. Either way these situations clue me in on the fact I invited this reaction from this one. If they are just angry, I know that. Easy to see. If not, I know I need to look inside myself and see why I invited this reaction. The outside world is a gauge for us to use as to how our world inside really is. We can and should use it as a market for our internal world. Never as a negative thing but as a positive reflection that can be used to navigate internal happiness consciously. Do not dwell on any one thing. Simply recognize and in time you will develop ability to see it all happen but with the distinct feelings my of experience you are outside of the situation. You see it. Experience it. But are not energetically (emotionally) invested in it. I say we must put some space around the situation within us. Let it happen but do not say thing is good or this is bad. It is just happening. Reserve the privilege of your emotional investment. Your energy is your life and it is n limited supply and very valuable in this life. It is a privilege when you choose to invest your emotions. Not a requirement. It is a choice only you can make. When you choose to reserve this as a privilege you can see each interaction as it is. Use them for your development. Explore where you internally can change your beliefs or judgements to provide you the very best response from every one and every thing. You will not be hurt anymore. You will see things as they are and you will see that incidents that may be deemed unpleasant just don’t happen around you any longer. They cannot. Your life energy will not accept it. Be selfish and focus on your energy. By doing so the rest of the existence will and must follow you. But you just be sensitive enough to see and use this. Mindless chatter of your brain clouds this. This is why being meditative is so important to a blissed our life.

I hope this helps.


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