Is it true that even for spiritually enlightened souls, the journey never ends?

Wonderful question. Thank you.

It is true that life only moves one way. Forward. Isn’t it? Time and memory move backwards. But each moment life moves again into the unknown. Away from what is known.

Infinite is what spirituality is. That which is not has no boundary. Therefore it is infinite. Never ending. Boundless. This is life. Life never ends. It changes forms. You are life. A piece of the whole life. So AM I. In this we know we will never stop being life but as this human life time ends, another form of life awaits. What is always unknown. This is future. The unwritten and unknown. The only direction we move.

This is why all suffering of what we did in the past is completely non existent. The past does not exist once it’s gone from the now. You cannot get ten minutes ago back. But you can write ten minutes from now right now. And when that ten minutes comes it will be now then too. The past was only now one time. For that moment, then gone. Right now is all there is. Right now creates the next now. If you allow your mind and emotions to always be examining the past in this now, all you can create for your future is more from the past.

Now and forward is all there is. Now is existence. You are always in a future unscripted now unless your dragging the past with you.

I hope this helps.

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