Is it true that the Enlightened One is not affected by any karma?

No this is not true. Karma means action. Who’s action? My action. Action on all levels of who I AM. Outward action is called as karma. Internal action is called as kriya. Internal action determines the nature of external action. Isn’t it? Internal action of all levels must happen for any outward action. Heart must beat, blood must flow, energy must be present, thoughts must come fir the human body to be possible. Then outward action can happen. Yes or no? So kriya action is going to determine the nature of karma or karmic action.

One who is enlightened has taken control of these dimensions of who they are and has stopped creating needless kriya action such as thought and emotion. They have become one with the present moment and do not think of yesterday or ten years ago. They keep all energy right here and right now. This calms the system and worry, fear, doubt, past hurt from events that do not exist anymore disappear. Ease comes to the body on all levels. From here it is clear that thoughts become energies of kriya that drive the actions of karma. An enlightened one now creates from kriya only the karma that serves them. In all situations they remain calm. Pleasant. But always ready to jump into action when needed, required or asked for. Simply because the enlightened BEing is not using his karma or kriya irresponsibly.

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