My life is going on very boring, no energy, always headache, no family support, sadness, etc.

How must I gather dedication and motivation for meditation?

This is a beautiful question. Thank you.

Please change your focus. For one hour of your day change your focus from all of these feelings and emotions that weigh you down. Chose not to put your attention for just 1 hour on any of this and simply look around you. Focus on the things only your two eyes can view. Say this to yourself, out loud is best. Say “ I choose to put my attention on what my eyes view.” See the world around you. If you are a building, seethe floor, walls, ceiling. See the colors of the walls, the texture of the floor. Notice the color changes and variations in the materials that makes these possible. View through your eyes the pictures on the walls, decorations and things around the space as just things not as memories. If you are outdoors, look at the sky, the trees, streets, grass. View it all consciously as a world your exploring for the first time. See these things are you that are in your immediate experience. Focus on what your eyes can see right now for just one hour. If some one comes in that space and talks, let them. Do not see this as an advance or directed assault but as an event by an entity you are familiar with. Just see it and observe they have enter this space just as if it were another entity you call a stranger passing you on a sidewalk. If a response feels required. Keep it short. Let them pass along as an event and simply see that it happened with only your eyes.

As you do this you will begin to see that it is your choice to invest your emotions into all events around you. You decide to put a memory and then emotion on top of what your eyes see. You are in 100% control of this gift from the creation. This is the same for all your senses. All your tools of life are yours to control. These are your gifts and tools. The only tools you have to create your life. The only life you have. Own your tools. Do not be careless with them. Do not leave them unattended and flopping the wind for anyone to snag and jerk on. This is the irritations you feel. The lack of motivation and sadness comes from you letting things outside of you snag your feelings and emotions and pull them around. Now focus on this. Put your awareness on this gift of sight. See with your inward eye the patterns of you keeping your emotions and feelings poking out of you. It hurts. It makes you sad. It frustrates you and makes you feel that no matter what you do you will get hurt. Like you cannot make a good decision everyone will agree with for your life. So you feel lethargic and down. Unmotivated because what’s the use. No one will support me. This is only true for you because you have become super sensitive to the things you focus on. Change your focus. These things will still be there but you have the control of your gifts within you to experience life. Own your gifts and tighten up your focus. You will not change the negative things. The negative will not change you either. Over a time, you will change the negative things and negative things will not be able to survive around you. Only you have this ability within. This is the gift of life as a fully conscious physical life called as a Human Being. This is how powerful you truly are but you must see this to once again regain your rightful position as commander and chief of your life. See this and growth is yours. Enjoy the limitlessness you are.

I hope this helps.

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