What do you like most about spirituality?

Total freedom. Mukti. And all of the issues 100% freedom delivers.

1- loneliness and enjoying solitude.

2- connectedness and feeling everything

3- no thought and the stillness of absolute clarity

4- visions and seeing them unfold in my reality

5- animals, insects, plants and trees that are all constantly communicating with me as my friends

6- synchronicity and how it follows me everywhere

7- knowing I can use faith correctly to take steps into the unknown and I will absolutely win

8- being wrong about everything I had ever formed an opinion on. So I could know I was wrong. Dropping all opinions of all things.

9- sensitivity to all life all around me

10- sleeplessness and having so much energy I do not require long sleep periods

11- efficiency of my body running smooth and friction free

12- healing from a once diseased and dying person and body to a rebuilt, healthy, happy and blissed out life.

13- walking the earth in my terms. In my way. With no expectations and no predetermined requirements of outcomes.

14- death became a cosmic joke as I embraced and went with it into the darkness to find life is all there is. Death is transformation not dying.

15- laughter at things only I experience that bring fun into the most mundane events that then fill with love.

16- reactions from others as they experience my energy and have no idea what’s happening. Someone may be angry but when they turn their awareness towards me, it lessens. They treat me kind in a room full of nastiness.

17- sitting in silence. Being able to sit for long periods of time blissed out just to be alive

18- yoga- union and the practice of sadana for how it opens my body and rings it out so growth can happen.

19- samadhi- an unspeakable experience of total red of life far beyond words.

20- gratitude of all I see, all I experience and all events. Especially the rough times. I feel and express deep gratitude for the shit storms and the pandemics because they are always the biggest opportunities to become more.


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