What does it mean if you go into a thoughtless condition during your meditation?

Wonderful. If this has happened for you, the universal door of consciousness is yours to walk through. It has always been right here with you. But you have been searching for it so you could not see it. The motion of the search keeps your mind moving. Mind is brain in motion. When you stop the motion you can see clearly. From here your only work is to explore this dimension within you. Awake in your daily activities. Awake in your silence. Awake in your awareness. Awake. Alert. Silent. Still. Ready. Alive. Allowing. Not labeling any thing. The space between any thing is where you are. Always. You cannot be in a space where something else already is. Isn’t it? What ever is there in the space already must be moved for you to be there. When you become still you see this. You see that you can only be in the space around it. The space in between where there is room for you is where you are. Looking. Contemplating. Examining. Enjoying. Allowing this thing to be there. So you can be everywhere else around it. If there is any space in it you can go there too. Experiencing. Exploring. Enjoying. No labels of the intellect are required. Thoughts are things. Things of the mind. Mind is motion. Motion of things. All of this is always there within you. When you sit in silence you open a door. A door to the limitlessness of who you are. Who you are is not a person or personality. Who you are is not a thing or a boundary. Who is not a question about yourself. Who is a question of an identity your motion wants to have. Who is the question that allows ego to live. What you are is so far beyond who. What you are has no label that is final. You are everywhere things are not. Only in stillness can one see this as an experience not a thing.

In the stillness, you are the space between that is pure intelligence. Pure conscious intelligence that has no name. It is every name. It has no label. It is every label. It is not a life. It is all life.

From this point of still consciousness the you of your personality is gone as an identity. You as life that is nameless, formless, limitless IS all that IS. It has been told to you in another way you may remember. You were told I AM. That I AM.

Do not allow mind to play with you and tell you more stories you follow. Mind is motion. Motion must be active to be motion. Active and motion are the same thing as mind. When you become still there is no thing for mind to figure out. No where for it to go. There never has been unless you followed a story of motion of mind. Stay silent. Silence is the birthplace of all action. Silence is where you can bask in the light of that which you are. That which the entirety originates from.

Please, from this experience of non thought or non labeling, go about and consciously experience everything as LOVE. Make this your choice in all you do. Just love it all. Live it all! This is YOUR experience of life you are. Please consciously choose to Live As Love.

As you encounter things you have made a decision previously you do not care for, be in love with the fact you recognize your previous decision. Fall in love with your ability to see the pattern. Enjoy this gift of sight. It is a tool for you to create your life experience. As you recognize the patterns you have created, you will also see how to create an exit into a life experience of change you desire. When you can be honest with yourself and see that you created these patterns, you are now seeing things as they ARE. No mind blunders on. No predetermined labels as a lens to see your life. This is clarity. Clarity means lights full on. Lights full on means life is enlightened. Now it is your job to see clearly how to create the very best life you desire. Consciously. The only lens you use to view all situations is Love. The negative does not go away. You simply are in love with it as well. With lights full on you can look at all situations from all perspectives with yourself. And then make a decision to act and engage karma. Karma is action. Conscious action means mind, body, energy all in line from a still state agreeing to only make a decision as a team. If emotions are not feeling wonderful about a life situation but logical and physically its is possible, you do not make a decision. Be patient and allow emotions to find alignment with the other two. Do not react. Agree to act. From this alignment with lights full on to life, you are clearly the creator of your life experience. Anything you wish will happen. You can begin any process for creating wealth, a lover, new job, healthy body, wonderful friends and no enemies. Anything you desire the tools of the existence are always at your fingertips. Being handed to you to use by the universe. Please see them as tools to create the very best you possible.

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