What is a spiritual master? How does someone become recognized as one?

Well, becoming a master of your own energies is one thing. Becoming recognized by others is a completely different thing.

Becoming master of your energies within your body takes discipline and striving each moment of your life. Becoming master of your energies does not earn any one a title or degree like a course that n school. You are talking about going within yourself and ruling your own mind motion, mind is the action or motion of brain. Everything that exists in a physical form, no matter it’s size, fundamentally is energy. This is the most obvious fact that one can align with within themselves. If every thing is energy then this body I think is me is also energy. I only think it’s me because I live in the body. The body is mine while I AM here in existence. The body allows me to exist. Without body I AM non existent or I do not exist in a physical form. When I do not have a form I cannot process information because I become that information. This body is the thing in this existence I can use to create a resistance to the capacitance of the energy that I AM. This resistance through the body creates a barrier that while I AM inside I can be alive as a human being. I can animate the body that comes from the elements of the planet and I can experience a sense of self. A sense of separation in a way. From myself as the entire energy of information. I can become a temporary “thing” in this universe and in this planet within the energetic bubble called atmosphere. I can exist here for a time. I can be a physical entity. But I AM still and always limitless potential conscious energy. No matter what form I take. Do you understand this? Have you experienced this oneness between who you think you are as a person and who you truly are as ALL energy? If you have what do you call yourself when you are all there is, all there was and all there ever will be? Do you still have a name? Do you still have a family? Do you still need anything? Do you still fear anything? Do you still need to learn any thing? Do you care what the rest of these versions of yourself label your as? Do you care if they think you are ignorant and out of touch with their reality? Do you think obsessively and live in compulsions that need food, sex, stimulation and recognition for your accomplishments? In other words, how much of your life do you conduct 100% consciously as supreme conscious intelligence within a human body. When 100% of your thoughts, emotions and actions are in your control, we call you as Master. Along this path one must overcome all fear, anger, disappointment, anxiety, depression, needs of all kinds, wants and desires of all kinds. Attachments with all things. Requirements for food, water, sleep, companionship, friends. Everything you have built around you must be and become nothing to you. Because they too are fundamentally energy and not what they appear in a physical form. Mom and dad are the same as you. Wife or girlfriend, husband or boyfriend. Kids. All the very same energy. Can you see them as what they are and not the labels I just called them? Can you see their energy and aura or are they just humans you know by a name?

The path to oneness and master is through all of this and how your mind made it a prison for you. The path to Inness is through ones own mind because mind is all there is. There is nothing in the existence that you or anyone experiences anywhere but within yourself. 5 outbound senses radiate from the body to gather and bring back information to the body and then brain interprets. The entire system of the body is a receiver and a transmitter. Skin, blood, bones all of it are a squats on and taking in information. In sleep or in wakefulness. Your entire system is taking in and transmitting information. What you know of and think of us well below 1% of what us truly happening. Happening right now in your body. Always happening.

I highly encourage you to go within to become master of your energies. I highly suggest that you gain at least some mastery over your energy and become aligned in some way to that which you are. The more of us that become masters the better we will create unity with one another. When we see each other as we are, there are no more enemies or bullshit political agendas. No more bullshit governments that need power and guns and bullets. No more beliefs in religions and stories of the past that are complete deformities of the truth. There is no thing to believe in when you have even some mastery over your life energies. You see all life in this existence as it is. LIFE. Same as you. Life matters. Life is all there is. Life that destroys itself in violence and fear is just pitching a fit because that life has no idea who it is at the moment it freaks out. If it knew it was life, mastery of itself would be all there is. Then existing is a freaking blast!

Getting recognized for becoming this? Most you encounter will never realize it. But you will know. You will know as you read their energies, their mind and you can clearly see what their next move and words will be. When you influence the room you are in just by being there, you know. When people say things for you you are thinking and you know they are reading your mind, only you know recognize this. When the planet makes shifts in energy and you feel it and adjust yourself internally to match, only you know this. When those around you are obviously aggravated and upset but when they turn their attention towards you, they smile and aggravation leaves them for a moment while they are with you, you get special treatment from them. And only you know why. When you experience these things and far more, who recognizes this other than you? How would anyone see it other than you? You must mof ecaway from the need for recognition if you desire to truly be a master. Master means responsibilities beyond anything I can explain. Master is a complete rebuilding of your entire mental make up. Completely new neurons must fire and wire together and form brand new neuron pathways. You must bring your entire system to absolute ease. Just look at the existence. Turn off all noise. Listen. Feel. Experience. The existence is happening at a frequency all its own. No tv. No radio. No cars. No machines. Just natural existence. Still and calm but immensely powerful. This is how a master is. Just like the existence and in no way like the people on tv, at the mall, in politics, running a business, complaining about what matters and what does not.

In short, there are three worlds. All experienced within the mind.

1- non physical conscious energy

2- the various physical manifestations of the one non physical conscious energy. The existence. You and I and all we see, feel, smell taste and touch.

3- the mental construct of economy, politics, countries, laws, buying and selling, money and all the bullshit that goes without. Thus world created a number for each person and a name they must use to be a part of this system. You must follow rules and laws and be subject to the way those who rule this system create. And they have done a wonderful job making this system seem like life itself. It really seems like this us all there is and we must conform. Isn’t it?

Yet, master removes himself from this and thrives. A master exits this through himself and his own mind and energies. A master becomes one with the existence and then, if he chooses, he can go back to the system of economics and participate. This is the Brahman. Brahman means god. Or all that is. There are many words used for this. Here we are calling it as Master.

What you wish with this question is to remove yourself from where you are right now and leaving what you think you know. To do this one must become completely ignorant. Dumb. Simply because what you think you know is the block that keeps you from knowing all. I can only say these things because of my experiences in oneness. Oneness within myself and the existence.


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