What is love? Some people say its a state of being...

Love. Love is a state of experience. A state of energetic experience. We fall as the action IN love. Or into the energetic state of feeling love. Feeling and energy are the very same thing, vibration. Isn’t it? A feeling a an energetic vibration that creates the experience of feeling wonderful. We call this as love. We can live as this energetic state or we can move in and out of it as we choose. Or rather we can move in and out of the intensity of the feeling but the energy is always present. Religions call this as grace. Grace is unconditional love. Unconditional means it is always there and always given. Never taken. Isn’t it? This is grace and it is love. Both are simple words created to describe the energetic state of BEing love. When we fall in love we are experiencing a more vibrant state of the unconditional state of love all around us.

What does this mean? Look at the nearest tree you can see. What do you see? Most likely you see a tree. Yes? Look closer and then expand your perception to the life process you are. Every breath you inhale is oxygen given by that tree and his friends. Every exhalation you breath is carbon dioxide and is sucked up by the trees and used to create more oxygen for you on your next inhalation. We call this process as photosynthesis and we learned a little about it in high school. Then we ignored it. What this means is that trees are our external lungs in this life process of physical existence. They stand and grow to create a world we can exist in. They do unthinkable things a human body cannot do so we can be the experience of a human life. Unconditionally they do this for us and the life process this world is. This is love. Unconditional love. Yes or no? It certainly can not be anything less because the way we treat trees they should have kicked our asses off this planet long ago if it was less.

Love is the state of the entire cosmos. Love is the closest stupid word we can create to even attempt to describe what is so far beyond the mind. It is beyond the mind because it IS what the mind IS. What all life IS. To describe it means to defile it because words are inadequate to say anything of what something IS. Ask a flame why it is hot. Ask a dog why he is a dog. Nothing in existence but the human being can see itself as not itself and ask questions about itself. What IS a Human Being? Many say it is only part of what it is. Only human. This is absolutely ignorant of the fullness of the truth right in the description. Human is the form. BEing is the intelligence within the human and all of creation. BEing is the life force and the consciousness that knows it IS. BEing is the most precious gift ever given. BEing is the gift of love in a universe of love that creates worlds of love. Love is all there is and all there ever will be in the existence. Hatred, confusion, fear, anxiety, worry, are all only mind and body experience the human system can create within itself. They are not real and the do not exist in the existence. Only in the mind of the Human Being can such things live in any way. The rest of the existence sits quietly and experience life as what it came as. Never complaining and never getting upset that we as the crown jewel of creation ignore what we and life truly are. If this is not unconditional love I have no idea what you call it. For this I AM grateful.

As for attachment goes, you would be better off to use the term involvement. Involvement is how we experience anything isn’t it? We get involved with situations and things and people. Attachment means the involvement got stuck to you and is not coming off. Attachment is bondage and it turns to many ugly things as wants and needs are not met. Simply being involved from an unconditional state of love is the way we enjoy and walk away. We get involved to experience and if the experience is not suitable for our growth we must be able to easily become uninvolved. At your own choosing. Attachment is a prison and it creates another kind of personal experience that many never know how to get out of. But of one allows just a little space and simply gets involved unconditionally, then when conditions change and are no longer suitable for growth, one can become uninvolved in the situational events but remain in love and unconditional gratitude for the time and people experienced. Taking away no enemies or ugly emotions but sweet memories and experience to be used in later situations,. We may even call on the people we were involved with from time to time or stay long term friends that easily integrate into new future situations. I have this relationship with my ex-wife. We are best fiends and business partners with very separate lives otherwise. We have seen the worst in one another and have contributed to finding the best so far. This is love and I enjoy basking in it every moment. This is the basis for all my relationships now. Regardless of the circumstances there is just love and the feeling of loving to be involved. When I need a break from it all, I walk away for a time. No hurt feelings or crazy made up stories of betrayal and rubbish. Just good times and growth with wonderful people in all situations. I wish this for everyone.

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