What is the chance that everyone is soulless except me? Why did Buddha say the world was empty?

Interesting question. Thank you.

See, what you call as soul is really a non physical entity of vast intelligence. For a time this intelligence inhabits a form made from the earth called a body. A body without a soul is a lump of earth. We call it life less. Life less the body still exists. It has just returned to a non physical state. Isn’t it? Every thing that exists has a non physical intelligence that gives it life. So if you exist you have a soul. A life energy force that inhabits every single cell. Trillions of cells.

Guatuma was given the title of Buddha. Buddha is a title and not a name. Buddha means “the awakened one”. One who has awakened from the illusion of names, titles, personalities, possessions and mind made concepts of social life. One who is a Buddha fully understands through profound experience that life is what they are. Supreme intelligence of source energy. This one understands that they grew out of this planet as a human life of limitless potential. We see this clearly as a living reality. A living experience moment to moment. From this conscious state it is clear that emptiness is not empty. Emptiness is where all answers lie. Emptiness must be for things to be. Emptiness is not void but where all things live, breath and experience life. Guatuma the Buddha never said the world is empty but that the social world of made up economies, money, jobs, tithes, riches, status is an empty shell of nothingness. Hollow and an illusion that gets you no where as a life. They are just games we play while here.

An awakened life sees clearly that just the fact that you can be consciously aware you exist is a miracle and privilege that our minds make into horror film if we do not gain control of our own thinking.

I hope this helps.

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