What is the singular most important thing to do if you want to have a spiritual life?

Stop thinking. Stop all thoughts ideas and beliefs and you will naturally see that you are having a spiritual life no matter what you do. The physical art of your life process is the smallest aspect of who you are. There is full intelligence within you that is non physical. Spiritual means that which is not physical. Isn’t it so? Spirit means non physical. Soul is another word for the same thing. Yes or no? It is only your thoughts about everything that makes you THINK you are not a spiritual being. Even the name of your survives tells you you are a Human Being. Not a human alone. A BEing using a human form created from the 12 salts or minerals of this planet. When you are finished with it, body stays here. You go. Yes or no?

There are many methods you can use but they are all designed to set you up to stop thinking you are not spirit in nature. The fact is, you are conscious intelligence experiencing your form as a piece of life. I got a form and captured some life. Everyone did. We are the same. Not on the surface but absolutely the same otherwise. You cannot refute this. But you can be taught to ignore it. Once that happens all kinds of things can be taught. Things that need you to believe rather than experience.

You are life itself. In a physical form right now. This is an experience and not thinking game. It is an experience of being life for a short time. Sitcc xx quietly and see. Stop thinking and see. Stop believing you know anything and see. So many ways to experience and not believe.

If you would like some methods let me know. Methods are processes and not quick fixes. Process leads to transformation. Quick leads to change. Transformation last while change changes quickly.

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