What school of spirituality do you recommend, and why?

Fascinating question. Thank you.

School of spirituality. This immediately says you have no knowledge of the said topic and you require someone that does to provide the new information. Spirituality or spiritual process is not this. You already know everything you need to about this subject, you just need reminders.

As a Human Being you are simply only identified wit(the human part. The human body that has a name, parents, relationships, a job, responsibilities, judgements, belief systems and a very powerful but limited intellect. From this perspective you look outside or outward. All 5 physical senses are full on facing outward to scan and know your environment. It seems very normal because that is all you have been taught there is. Isn’t it? Yet inside you is where you actually experience all of this data sourced from the outside world. What you see is actually a skewed version of what your two eyes as they are structured by nature should show you. You should see two very small upside down images of everything because you have two eyes with tiny little holes for light and it bounces off the retina. You know the story from science class. Your ears pick up vibrations in the outside world and once they reach you inner ear they turn to electrical impulses and head to your brain for translation. If you have heard the sound before, your memory and intellect tag and name it. Same with sight, touch, smell taste. This is fact. You interpret what is outside only once the data reaches inside. If you don’t get data from your senses, you know nothing. So clearly you only experience life within you. What you look out your eyes and see is actually an image in your brain. An illusion that is made real by memory and interpretation. Labeling and judging things. All in an effort to be sure you survive. This is called FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Survival mode. Most of the time this is how we live and we do not even realize it. We have been taught that way. Our parents taught us, grandparents taught them and so on. It’s stagnation by natural course of life. Your grandparents did not have the opportunities you do. The technology. The internet. Indoor plumbing. Shopping malls and etc. Without realizing we do it, we always see the world as we are taught. and we teach that version. Why wouldn’t we? It becomes subconscious programming we throw on auto pilot and roll. We think we are different until one fine day when we do something and BOOM! Someone says you act just like your parents. And you think your different. Nope. Just an extension of the source. With the same judgements, beliefs, ideas, walk, accent, name they gave you, name you share, DNA. BUT here is the good news. You are always in full control. You just need to be reminded. But it’s not easy. All those opinions and beliefs of how thHiggs are get in the way. The truth is literally everywhere and right under your nose but your choosing not to see it. You dance with it. You get glimpses of the truth. They hit you and make you wonder. You get ideas about it. You get ideas. But it depends on how tightly you need t9hold onto your beliefs and labels as to how difficult it is to see it . It is you against you on the spiritual path to who you truly are. There is not path but your path. Your way. You schooling yourself. You are the school and teacher and the student as a true seeker. It’s a game you play wit( yourself at levels you have yet to as a life to explore once again.Consciously.

You may not see this now but you are absolutely on the spiritual path to seeing it. Every time you ask a question on this topic you are seeking. Every time you have a rough time with a statement of truth by any realized being, you are growing. Any time you know deep within another may be lost in their understanding as they talk and act, you are seeing. Every AH HA moment and every day dream, synchronicity and so many other things are you getting closer to the ultimate truth. Every time you feel unworthy, you are facing yourself eye to eye. Internal eye of your being to the eyes of the body you think you are. Truth stands before you and it can be very difficult to come to terms with. There is an intelligence inside you that beats your heart, spleens your spleen, digesters your food, rids you of wastes and toxins and all other vital things for life. Within you. Behind the scenes changing the salad you ate into a human being. The fish you ate was a fish, now it is a human being.  Spirituality is what you are. We all are. Spiritual process in the game we each play with ourselves from the inside out to experience life as we want to. When we want to wake up and be conscious of the now, we will.The space between that is life and the experiences we have of the games we play. But I can most assuredly speak from my experience only, getting a masters degree in the self, YOUR SELF, is the most vital thing you will ever so. It is a masters degree in life that transcends all boundaries and liberates your to heights and intelligence you cannot imagine as a simple human body with a name someone gave you. You are supreme intelligence and nothing less. The creator within his creation. The entire universe lives with you as life itself.

I hope this helps.

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