Why are we more conscious when our brain waves are at a lower frequency (like when we meditate)?

Excellent Question. Thank you.

This is a simple question of basic physics. The fundamental of this is motion.

When you are in motion, you cannot see things around you as clearly as when you are still. Isn’t it? Standing still you can see far more of your environment and far more details in the things you see. In motion you see the environment but focus can only be wide unless directed in front of you. For safety. This is true of all things in motion. Isn’t it so?

Now add the factor of matching motion at a specific time. Like driving a car into the back of a trailer at 90 MPH. It can be done but the focus and precision of timing speeds just right is critical or major errors happen. While this is a very rough comparison to matching frequencies of energy by creating stillness of mind. It is also correctly perfect. Words get in the way here. Both the frequency of the motion of a car and the motion of the mind motion (mind is brain in motion) are still fundamentally energy. They are the same.

Bringing stillness of mind motion allows you to match frequencies with the universe. Most commonly referred to as the Akash, Akasha or Akashic Records. Akasha is a Sanskrit words meaning sky or atmosphere. Another topic on its own. What we breath in and out is life. Isn’t it? If you doubt this simply take this breath and not the next one. You know life for you will stop. This atmosphere provides far more than air to breath. It contains vast amounts of information ready to be accessed. But when you are busy in mind motion thinking your chances of synchronization and sustaining it are remote. Fleeting. Random. And your life feels this way too from this state. And it can feel very rigid and hard to navigate feelings, emotions and energies of your body.

But a still brain has access to all information. At all times you have access to that which you are. Freely. This is when fear, self doubt, anxiety and stress are gone from your life experience. The benefits of a still mind are far beyond what words can be used for.

I hope this helps.

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