Why can we not remember our ‘past lives’ if reincarnation is real?

ALSO, why can we not continue to develop our souls with all of our previous knowledge?

There is a beautiful story in yogic lore about this.

One day Shiva and his disciple were walking together. The disciple asked, “why can’t I remember my past lives?” Shiva said nothing. Kept walking.  As they walked a worm was crawling along the ground. Shiva said, “Say SHIVA SHIMBO to that earth worm.” The deciple happily complied. “ SHIVA SHAMBO.” The worm died right there. Astonished, the disciple looked up and saw a beautiful butterfly flying around his head. He forgot the worm and watched the butterfly. Dancing in the air do effortlessly and gorgeous. Shiva said, “Say Shiva Shimbo to that butterfly.” Lost in the moment the disciple complied again. The butterfly immediately dropped from flight to the ground. Dead.

Stunned. The disciple shook his head and looked up from the ground where the butterfly body lay. Before he could say anything a deer jumped across their path. Playing and jumping. Looking at both of them as if he were asking to play. The disciple watched in wonder. Leaving the butterfly to put his full awareness on the magnificent deer he now watched. As he watched Shiva said once again, “Say Shiva Shimbo to that deer.” The disciple shook his head. Catching on. “No way he said. You want me to kill that deer. I see what happens when I say as you asked.”

Shiva simply said without turning towards the disciple, ” Say Shiva Shimbo to that deer.” Shiva being Adyyogi or the first yogi, the disciple reluctantly complied and said “Shiva Shimbo to the deer.” And the deer collapsed. Dead. The day disciple became deeply saddened. What was this that Shiva was doing? So cruel. His heart became heavy.

As he looked around for some comfort. Tears began to fill his eyes. Confusion set in. He felt terrible.

Just then a young couple walked by. Pushing a carriage with a small child in it. Waking and enjoying the day. A smile came to the disciples face. Then Shiva said, “Say Shiva Shimbo to that child.”

The disciple protested. “No! No way! I will not do that and kill a child!” He protested this loudly. Just then the child stood up in the carriage and looked at the disciple. Staring right at him with a focused intent in his gaze and said, “ Why? Why won’t you do this for me? You changes a worm into a butterfly and have him wings to fly. The you changed a butterfly into a deer that could have four legs to jump and run and play. Then you changed me from a deer to this human form and further gave me a higher ability to experience life. And now you will stop and not give me the ultimate expression of life and send me to the next level of existence beyond d the physical. Why would you go this to me? Please, give me this gift and allow me to reach beyond and say Shiva Shimbo that I may go now to the ultimate.”

Remembering past lives is of no help to you in this life. In this life you have reached the ultimate in expression on this planet in this existence. This life as a human being is as magical and mystical as it gets. You are a life. A life of limitless possibilities and looking bank at past lives keeps you from forward progression. In this life, you ARE professing and building on past experiences. On deep levels your 5 senses do not experience. Your 5 senses are for this physical world only. But as a human being, you can freely walk in and out of other dimensions of knowing. If you understand the human mechanism and that this body has a time limit on it, you can then use that time more wisely. Now. Who or what you were is no help to you NOW. Realize this and unite with yourself in this now moment and the entire cosmos is yours to know. You are supreme intelligence from source energy. You are limitless. Beyond this physical body. Use this time as this human being in this creation to experience life as you. This is the only chance you get as you. The only chance creation had to experience life as you. A one of a kind unique trip into creation. Don’t waste it worrying about past anything’s. Live right now. Play. Have fun. Enjoy. Enjoy all that this creation has to offer. Soon, Shiva Shimbo comes to us all. And we leave this existence and move on.

I hope this helps.


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