Why do average people attach spirituality to failure in life?

You must turn this around and see it from the other side. People you are calling as ordinary have put themselves above ordinary and therefore see spirituality as a downgrade. They have elevated themselves above, in their minds, the natural wonder of the life process they are. They do this from a certain state of arrogance and ignorance. Arrogance that they on their own have become more than the spiritual nature of all life. Somehow choosing to ignore that deep inside they are the spirituality they shun. This is a full egoic personality on display for you. And they will defend it. They will become nasty in doing so and they will think you the lesser if you choose the spiritual path. This is a major test for yourself on your path. For all of us. Seeing this in other people is the first step towards realization. You are seeing the energy that is active within you. You must understand that what you see in the world is what you are made of. In other words, what is in your heart as the fears, confusions, worries, doubts, ignorances and arrogance all are within you as you look out your eyes. Life reflects back to you what you lead with in the world. If you lead with fear, you will find things to be afraid of. If you lead with hate, you will find things to hate. If you lead with love you will find things to love. It’s just that easy. But it is also that difficult. You must first be honest within yourself that this is there within you. This is the spiritual path of walking through your own mind and heart to see and accept that which you are. Then transforming the parts of you that do not serve your highest desires, feelings and capabilities.

He/She who knows others is wise. He/She who ‘mows themselves is enlightened.

Every naysayer is an energy hidden with you. You would not be able to see it if it were not. Just as when you smoke marijuana or drink alcohol. These substances would not affect you if you did not already have that precursor active within you for the substance to connect to. This is the nature of all things we put inside our bodies or what we experince in the world. What is within us is what we experience. And the mind motion of thinking and worrying and figuring and judge it is a powerful state of ignorance. When mind motion is left unattended to wander in any direction at any time, the person is lost in their own mind. Thinking. And they come up with so many ideas and judgments of things to try to make sense of their own bullshit. The mind and the egoic state of mind motion is very cunning and smooth. Even in the spiritual nature this can be an issue, as many people find a certain sense of more within them and then bring ego along. These people tell you your not spiritual. They tell you they have it all figured out. They create money machines to capitalize on this new realization and they do help people. But you can tell the ego center teacher from the guru. The guru is simply pointing the way as a guide. He already knows he doesn’t exist. He knows you don’t either. He knows you have been ignoring your true nature as well. He doesn’t care how long you keep this up. He is not there to change you but to guide and wait until you are ready to transform. Using various ways to get you to submit on your own to your own true nature. A guru has nothing to teach but ways on the path for your to use as you do the work yourself. This is why we all it SELF REALIZED. YOU MUST REALIZE WHO YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. This terrifies the go because it is the end of the line. The end of suffering and the end of the games we play that take us out of the present moment. The ego only lives in the past or the future which is to say and see it does not exist at all. Only in the mind. All that exists is right here and right now. Look around. What you see is what you get. And it’s perfect. Just as you have allowed your decisions to this point to make it. Your own decisions keep you in these places, with these responsibilities, with these people, in these circumstances. There is no other way. You May have been given a lesser deal in some ways than others but the path is still the same. You did not come here to be rich. Trillions of years of creation to get a solar system set up that was so perfectly balanced it can scream through a space, as one. Allowing for the perfect set for a human civilization to emerge from it. This is not here for money. This is not here for a lifestyle but a life experience. As a piece of life. Not a person or a personality.

The biggest failure in the one you see who believes themself above spirituality is that they cannot see they are a part of the entire system. The system of life is what allows them to be life. No Thing is separate from this. It is impossible to separate but the illusion of separation is very much possible. Leaving this illusion behind is the spiritual path. All of this is within you. Sorting it out and gaining a certain mastery over yourself is the path. The journey. The way of doing not doing or Wei Wu Wei of the Tao.

It is also valuable to note that ordinary is nothing of the sort. An ordinary human being that is tapped in tuned in and turned on to the life process they are clearly makes a seemingly ordinary human being. Extra Ordinary. You can even say it makes them extraordinary.

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